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Foremilk 100 - Colostrum Supplement

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Foremilk 100 Provides Globulin Proteins, Edible Fat, Oligosaccharides, Essential Oils, Vitamins and Minerals

Early and adequate intake of high quality colostrum is a very important factor in determining a calf's health and survival. If colostrum is not available in adequate quality or quantity, Foremilk 100 can deliver several of the benefits of the cow's colostrum.

  • Foremilk Plus contains high levels of globulin proteins to assist in the immune response to intestinal pathogens.
  • Bio-enhanced proteins are added with antibodies from eggs produced by vaccinated laying hens to improve health through better nutrition.
  • Essential Oils and Inulin have all-natural active compounds with unique properties capable of destroying bacteria, preventing pathogenic bacteria colonization and stimulating the digestive and immune systems.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation to aid in the production and synthesis of immuno proteins and to restore vitamin and mineral levels lost during periods of stress.

Feeding Directions

To Replace Colostrum

Mix one pound (six heaping scoops*) in two quarts of warm water (110-115°F). Thoroughly mix to ensure complete dispersion. Feed as soon after birth as possibly by bottle or nipple pail at 102°F.

*scoop enclosed

To Supplement Milk Replacer or Whole Milk

Add to milk and mix thoroughly the indicated amounts twice daily and feed at 102°F.

Day 1-4

1 ounce (to 1/4 mark on scoop)

Day 5-12

1/2 ounce (to 1/8 mark on scoop)

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