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Bottle Washer

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Save time and money by reducing labor....machine washing instead of hand washing!

Benefits of the 3D-S Series Bottle Washer:
  • Dual Screens, Protect intake of pump
  • 1.5 HP Quick Service Pump, Pump slides forward providing for easier repair
  • Swift Plumbing Removal, All plumbing is connected using zero-interference Stainless/Terelene Couplers
  • Stainless Steel Air Gap Fill, Eliminates the need for check valves and vacuum breakers
  • 20.5" Door Clearance, wash taller bottles
  • Diagonal Scrap Trap, provides easy screen removal in both corner and pass-through models.
  • Convertible Design
  • Stainless Steel Spray Bases, Bayonets and Manifold Couplings
  • Quick Release Spray Arm Removal for Ease of Cleaning
  • Pass-Thru Outside Sump with Built-In Scrap Accumulator
  • Run Indicator Light
  • Simple to Clean
  • Solid Chemical Dispensing (upgrade option)
  • Optional Stainless Steel Side Tables for Purchase (upgrade option)

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