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HabiShield Animal Shielding Powder

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The first few hours of life are critical in the lifetime performance of an animal, especially as it is exposed to an array of disease-causing pathogens and environmental stresses.

Introducing HabiShield - An Antimicrobial/Super Absorbent protection system that offers immediate protection in two critical areas:

  1. Protecting a newborn against disease causing pathogens
  2. Immediately drying the newborn animal

How does HabiShield work?

  1. Dry off the newborn with the HabiShield drying powder
  2. Use a clean, dry towel and "fluff dry" the newborn to protect it against disease-causing pathogens.
  3. HabiShield is also extremely effective as a navel protectant

Why HabiShield?

  • Drying helps a newborn to better regulate its body temperature.  Otherwise, heat is removed from the animal as the water evaporates.
  • This leaves the newborn highly susceptible to chilling, and wastes the newborn's energy.
  • Young animals have little subcutaneous fat, which leaves them with minimal insulation.  
  • Newborns with poor respiration also struggle more to regulate their temperature.

Comes in various sizes: 16oz, 35# pail, 90# Kraft Barrel, 360# Kraft Barrel

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