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Surecheck4 - Calf Scours Test

Surecheck4 - Calf Scours Test

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• No guessing
• No waiting
• No postmortem analysis on dead calf tissue

Not only does Acepsis™, LLC provide the #1 calf hygiene program, they now offer a breakthrough technology that allows you to identify the infectious causes of calf scours and do it on-farm within minutes, and Calf Star is your distributor for these products!

Surecheck4™ is a lateral-flow immunoassay which enables four common causes of calf scours to be quickly and reliably identified. Surecheck4™ is highly sensitive and highly specific to the four infectious organisms: Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E. coli, and Cryptosporidium.

Knowing the infectious source allows you and your veterinarian to outline the best practices program to better manage your calves’ health. You no longer need to wait for lab results to initiate an effective calf treatment program. No guessing and no waiting!

Imagine the savings to your calf raising operation! Immediate information. A correctly identified treatment program. Healthier calves. More productive replacements.

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