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First Nurse Colostrum Pasteurizer/Warmer

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The First Nurse Colostrum Pasteurizer/Warmer pasteurizes colostrum in bags in a water bath.  You can pasteurize approximately 4 bags at a time. 

You will use an Anova heating element to do the pasteurizing and warming.  The Anova device comes with a downloadable app so that you are able to program temperature settings with the app.  You can also adjust the temperature on the heating element itself if you don't want to use the app.  The Anova app will send you a notification when your colostrum is finished pasteurizing or warming.

The insulated cover of the First Nurse keeps heat from dissipating.  

Product colors may vary.

Complete Kit Option Includes:
-First Nurse Pasteurizer
-One 2-station Stainless Steel Filling Unit
-50 Colostrum Bags
-50 Funnels and one Esophageal Tube

To download the First Nurse PDF brochure please click here.


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