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Dispenser Tanks

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UTV Dispenser Tanks

Make feeding any number of calves convenient and efficient.

Calf-Star Dispenser Tanks

Our dispenser tank fits on any vehicle, and allows feeding a predetermined ration to your calves rapidly and accurately.
  • Can fit on any vehicle
  • Has built in spray ball for clean in place design
  • Can be ordered either single wall or double wall insulated
  • Large acrylic manhole inspection cover to see inside the tank
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Four different recipes to choose from for feeding

Calf Tender Standing Utility Vehicle Dispenser

  • Comes as a complete feeding unit with vehicle
  • Pasteurized milk is pumped into the unit
  • Dispenses easily with a foot pedal dispenser
  • 150 gallon tank capacity and can be hooked up to a pasteurizer to wash
  • Vehicle has a very short turning radius allowing users to use this tank and vehicle combo to feed calves in calf barns with small aisles
  • All steel frame with dual front wheels and an adjustable backrest
  • 1,000 pound capacity makes it the perfect for feeding many calves
  • Easily programmed feed amount settings
  • Push the foot pedal to distribute to your calves
  • When finished the tank can be attached to the pasteurizer to wash by pushing the wash button on the tank control box
  • A spray ball inside the tank allows for washing with the pasteurizer.  If not washing with a pasteurizer there is an option to add on an automatic wash

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