Kleen Star Habistat Disinfectant - The Ultimate Calf Hygiene Protection - Tablet Form

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One revolutionary Chlorine Dioxide technology providing a complete range of calf hygiene protection.

Applications for Use:

  • Calving Area
  • Calf Pen/Hutch
  • Feeding Equipment
  • Utensils
  • Water Supply Treatment

Why Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is well known as being an extremely effective agent for a wide range of agricultural hygiene applications.  The Kleen-Star Habistat product line is a breakthrough technology in the areas of on-farm biosecurity and overall hygiene practices.

Kleen-Star Habistat comes in either tablet or liquid forms.  Both forms have the ability to be activated almost instantly when mixing the components with local water, providing a powerful chlorine dioxide-based solution.

Kleen-Star Habistat Tablets

Simply open a Kleen-Star Habistat tablet's foil pack, and drop the tablet into a specified amount of water, and it instantly activates into a concentrated chlorine dioxide solution.  It doesn't get any easier than that!  The solution can be used for a wide range of hygiene applications, diluted to the proper application requirements, from facility, equipment and water treatment aseptic uses.  There is nothing more powerful.  Nothing as wide a spectrum.  Nothing as quick-acting.

Kleen-Star Habistat Liquid Activator/Base

As the jobs get bigger, so does the need for using Kleen-Star Habistat in liquid formats.  The liquid Activator and Base combination are added, as directed, into a specified amount of water, on-site, activating instantly into specified chlorine dioxide-based solutions.  The ability to produce a highly effective concentration of chlorine dioxide, on-site, provides tremendous economic and aseptic benefits.  Not only can a solution be produced on-site, and when required, but also immediately activates, producing chlorine dioxide, to remove the most troubling hygiene problems.

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