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Compaq Flash - HTST Pasteurizer

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Calf Star would like to welcome the Compaq Flash to our family of HTST (High Temperature Short Time) pasteurizers.  Its revolutionary design cherry picks the proven features of its HTST cousins, but is now enhanced by offering: a digital on-the-fly output temperature control, separate Raw Milk tank, and other features to provide total custom flexibility for your per-feeding needs.

To compliment the Compaq Flash we have taken the already popular Milk Jug and created a new design called the Compaq Jug.  The Compaq Jug is directly connected and controlled by the Compaq Flash.  By integrating the two you will now have total control over your calf feeding needs.

Features of the Compaq Flash:

  • Efficient electric boiler
  • Pasteurizer and raw milk tank wash separately, allowing flexibility for daily milk requirements
  • 'Regen System' that reclaims heat from pasteurized milk and preheats the incoming milk
  • Digital control of output temperature, easily adjusting to seasonal weather changes
  • Total integration between the Compaq Jug and Compaq Flash, or you can choose to manually connect to your existing raw milk tank
  • Flow meters on the chemical wash lines to assure accurate and robust washing
  • Remote access available with internet connection
  • Dual CIP wash, Detergent and Acid

Features of the Compaq Jug:

  • Insulated to store raw milk
  • Chills and stores raw milk prior to pasteurization, greatly reducing bacteria growth compared to water cooled tanks
  • Space saving design
  • Controlled and monitored by the Compaq Flash, providing a totally integrated pasteurizing process

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