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RT-10 Somatic Cell Count Tester

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Instant Milk Testing

 Somatic cell count testing is fast and easy with Dairy Quality’s RT10 device and iPhone© app.

Dairy Quality RT10 SCC Testing Device/App

An incredible new innovation in instant milk quality testing – Somatic Cell Count testing with pathogen ID can now be done right in the milking parlor.

Using patent-pending technology and an iPhone©, accurate SCC readings can be determined in seconds, without the expense and time it takes to send samples off to the lab.

All you need is the RT10 device, and an iPhone© with the Dairy app installed (download from App Store).

  • It’s accurate
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s a fraction of your current testing costs
  • And it’s instant

The RT10 device and associated Dairy SCC app provides you with an SCC value, and displays a clear visualization of the actual milk sample showing the presence of somatic cells. The difference between a ‘good’ sample and a ‘problem’ sample is obvious. With our device, you not only get an accurate count of the SCC, but can see the result for yourself on the screen.

The ground-breaking nature of the device, along with the Dairy SCC app, makes all of this possible. Unlike other devices which use techniques similar to those of in-line flow cytometers or other methods, our system derives the somatic cell count by actually counting the cells! Our unique microscope and light technology along with complex programming makes it happen. With the computing power of the iPhone/iPod Touch©, the Dairy SCC app, and the Dairy Quality device and slides, determining the quality of your milk is fast and easy.

Dairy Health Check

Dairy Health Check is an all-in-one mobile device for milk testing, and recording herd health information.  Keep all of your cows’ individual data and records all in one place, so you can track trends and make real-time updates on the ground-when and where you need it most.

  • Get instant results when testing the milk of individual cows or bulk storage tanks
  • Receive and indication of the possible pathogen
  • Store images, results and records automatically for future reference
  • Easily aggregate all of your SCC data to show the impact one cow has on your bulk tank average
  • Identify clinical and subclinical ketosis
  • Email results to your veterinarian, or upload your data to your existing farm management application
  • Keep real-time, detailed records of breeding events in your cow file and generate veterinary testing, calving, and dry off dates


-RT 10 Platinum device, instruction guides, refurbished iPhone 5S, and 36 slides.


-RT 10 Platinum Device for iPhone 5S


Download the PDF Info Sheet here

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