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Single Milk Jug - Classic

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The Classic Milk Jug is our simplified version of our regular Milk Jug that is used with our Automatic Calf Feeding Systems.  This version has a small compact size with only Analog Controllers and not the HMI Controller.  This unit will come with a float, agitator and the CIP (Clean in Place) washing system.

The CIP (Clean in Place) washing system is designed to be quick and efficient, minimizing downtime when in operation. In as little as 10 minutes, the Milk Jug can be completely clean and ready to fill with the next batch of pre-chilled (60°F - 65°F) pasteurized milk.

The Classic Milk Jug has many different uses including; robot buffer tanks, receive all in the parlor, and/or with an HTST pasteurizing system as a holding tank.

When using HTST (Flash) milk pasteurizing systems, a raw milk holding tank is required. The Milk Jug is a good solution providing refrigerated cooling and CIP washing.

The Milk Jug fits nearly anywhere and can be easily located next to the pasteurizing system or in your milk house for a robot buffer tank.

In applications where there is a chiller that pre-cools the milk to 36°F, the Milk Jug can be ordered without cooling to maintain the milk temperature in its well-insulated, double-walled tank.  This non-refrigerated Milk Jug can be ordered with the CIP
washing system or, if your pasteurizer or system allows, can be easily hooked in series with it for auto CIP.

Connecting the Milk Jug is extremely simple, only requiring a standard 20A, 220 VAC plug, cold and hot water and bulk washing detergent.


 Insulated to store raw milk

 Chills and stores raw milk prior to pasteurization, greatly reducing bacteria growth compared to water cooled tanks

 Space saving design: 34" x 34" footprint

One-step CIP system; 10 minute wash cycle

Automatic Empty Shutoff

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