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CalfExpert Automatic Calf Feeders

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CalfExpert Automatic Calf Feeder

The modern calf feeder with individual calf feeding, whole milk system, intuitive control of the graphic display and many other features.  State-of-the-art feeding technology ensures that the milk for the calves is always freshly mixed.  It doesn't matter whether feeding milk replacer or pasteurized whole milk, the CalfExpert prepares the milk automatically and individually for each animal.

The CalfExpert takes your calf rearing management to a whole new level.  

Individual Animal Feeding

Feeding a large number of calves with a fresh mix adapted to each individual calf is a major challenge.  The CalfExpert makes this look easy!

The CalfExpert calf feeder mixes the milk fresh for each calf.  Any residual milk is kept warm and flushed out of the system following longer drinking breaks.  Other calf feeders work with a central milk supply, when milk is stored this way at 104°F, the bacterial count doubles every 20 minutes.  In contrast, the CalfExpert guarantees maximum hygiene and feeding suitable for every individual animal.

A central milk supply has another major disadvantage: modern feeding programs such as metabolic programming require higher CMR concentration at the beginning of rearing to stimulate performance.  However, a lower milk replacer powder concentration is necessary in the weaning phase.  This individual animal feeding can only be achieved if the mix is prepared individually for each calf, such as with the CalfExpert.

QuadroFlex: Simultaneous and yet Flexible Feeding

With the NEW QuadroFlex system, four calves can feed at the same time with two PowerMixers.  The CalfExpert mixes the milk freshly when calves come up to drink.  This means no tank supply system is required.  The feeding quantity is determined precisely for each calf by maintenance-free sensors.  If a calf requires a special mix, only then is the sister stall at the same PowerMixer switched off.  Feeding continues at the second PowerMixer at both stations.  This allows 120 calves to be fed at 4 HygieneStations.  The capacity of the CalfExpert has been increased by approximately 20-30% compared to the H&L 100.

Flexible Feeding Programs

Modern feeding programs should always adapt to the age and breed, personally set rearing goals and state of health of the calves.  The CalfExpert allows you to do all this in the optimum way.

Effective Mixing of Milk Replacer Powder

Flexible feeding also means that a wide range of CMRs and additives have to be prepared in an optimum and lump-free way.  The continuously variable PowerMixer ensures a soft start to avoid splashing and then stirs the milk replacer powder thoroughly.  This means the calf receives its freshly mixed milk directly at the teat in just 3 seconds!

The feeding process can sometimes take longer when young or weak calves are involved.  The CalfExpert prevents the separation of the milk replacer powder by slow permanent stirring.  And if it gets colder, the heater in the mixer always ensures the mix is kept at a constant temperature, no matter how long the calf needs.

Tube Cleaning Including the Teat

All tube systems used to have deposits of contaminated milk because they had not been cleaned often enough or thoroughly enough.  The HygieneStation rinses the entire milk tube through to the teat during longer drinking breaks.  In addition, the complete milk system is cleaned several times every day.  When the Double Jug is used, the supply line to the CalfExpert is automatically cleaned with it.  This will reduce a calf’s exposure to bacteria, improve the health of the calves and save on manual cleaning.



 Double Jug Connection

The Calf Star Double Jug is connected to the CalfExpert, providing real-time information to the CalfExpert seamlessly working with the EvenMilk program to assure calves are fed a consistent ration, day-in, day-out.  The Double Jug supplies the wash water and chemicals on greater quantities, assuring a squeaky-clean system.

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